Transitioning 6,000 Employees Globally Requires Global Reach and Localized Deployment

Leader Development: Outplacement

Client Industry



To meet the changing needs of a dynamic market, this top tech company had to realign their talent strategy.  This realignment had a global impact on talent, which caused this client to seek an outplacement provider that could scale and partner with them to effectively transition 6,000 employees from around the globe with a full understanding of local cultures and legislation.  Right Management had a long relationship with this firm, driven predominantly by relationships in the U.S.; and was chosen to handle the project globally based on the need for scalability and consistent delivery.

Workforce Solution

Right Management provided a tailored solution that addressed the global complexities and met the client’s goal of providing a consistent experience to transitioning candidates.  In countries where local labor laws needed to be followed, Right Management identified a country lead to partner with HR and help them navigate through local labor law to effectively transition employees. The solution included a standard suite of programs aligned to the employees’ level and tenure, as well as: 


Right Management provided a consistent, scalable experience for all transitioning employees, resulting in:


 “I found that your staff was nothing short of excellent, complementing strong human touch and professionalism. It was a tremendous help that supported me through a challenging period and made it a period of growth.”
                    - Program Participant

“I was ready for retirement when I got my package.  Problem was I had never REALLY thought about retirement...Your tools and discussions helped me define my priorities and to understand that it is a transition (which nobody talks about)... and it is way more difficult than you think it will be.”
                    - Program Participant



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