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The Importance of Outplacement Services: Why You Should Sign Up

Why Outplacement Services Are Right for You


Experiencing a layoff can be a daunting and emotional experience. Ranked in the top ten of most stressful life events, layoffs can cause psychological trauma for up to two years after job loss. It is no wonder that layoffs hit so hard; after all, jobs provide purpose and create community, making them an important aspect of one’s identity.  

Amidst the uncertainty and stress, employers often provide outplacement—also called career transition services—to support departing employees. However, many people are hesitant to take advantage of these services, often due to feelings of pride, fear of the unknown or skepticism about their effectiveness. This hesitation can prevent you from accessing valuable resources that can significantly aid in your transition to new employment. Below, we discuss the key components of outplacement, why you should sign up for outplacement services and how they can benefit you during this challenging time.

What is Outplacement? 

Outplacement services are benefits offered by employers to help employees during layoffs. These programs provide a wide range of tools and resources aimed at facilitating career transitions. Typically, these services include personalized career coaching, resumé writing assistance, social media branding guidance, interview preparation, job search resources, emotional support, upskilling and more. 

Employers offer outplacement programs free of charge as an optional part of the offboarding process. When exiting employees choose to participate, they benefit from more compassionate, smoother and quicker transitions to new careers. These supportive services, in turn, reduce the negative impact of job loss, enhancing overall well-being and career success for departing workers. 


Eight Benefits of Participating in
an Outplacement Program

  • Professional Coaching and Career Guidance

    One of the primary benefits of outplacement services is access to a career coach who provides professional guidance. Expert career coaches can help you assess your skills, strengths and career aspirations, providing personalized advice on how to navigate the job market. This guidance can be vital in identifying new career opportunities that align with your goals and abilities, helping you make informed decisions about your next steps.

  • Resumé and Cover Letter Assistance

    Crafting a compelling resumé and cover letter is crucial for standing out in today’s competitive job market. Outplacement services typically include professional resumé writing and cover letter assistance. These experts know what employers are looking for and can help you highlight your most relevant skills and experiences, increasing your chances of landing job interviews.

  • Interview Preparation

    Interviewing can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you haven’t had to do it in a while. Outplacement services often provide interview coaching, including mock interviews and feedback sessions. This preparation can help you build confidence, refine your responses and improve your overall interview performance, making you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

  • Social Media Branding

    Outplacement services help you enhance your social media branding by providing expert guidance on creating professional profiles and strategically showcasing your skills and experiences. This increased online visibility makes you more attractive to potential employers and recruiters. With a strong social media presence, you can network more effectively and access a broader range of job opportunities. This targeted approach will help you land new jobs faster.

  • Access to Job Search Resources

    Outplacement programs offer a wealth of job search resources, including access to job boards, networking events and industry contacts. These resources can help you identify job openings that may not be advertised publicly and connect with professionals who can provide valuable insights and referrals. Leveraging these resources can significantly enhance your job search efforts and expand your professional network.

  • Emotional Support

    Losing a job can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. Top-quality outplacement providers lead with compassion, providing much-needed support to help you cope with the emotional impact of job loss. Having a supportive environment to share your experiences and receive encouragement can make a significant difference in maintaining a positive outlook and staying motivated during your job search.

  • Upskilling

    In today’s rapidly changing job market, staying competitive often requires continuous skill development. Outplacement services may offer upskilling opportunities to help you acquire new skills or enhance existing ones. These opportunities can make you more marketable and better prepared for the demands of the modern workforce.

  • Faster Reemployment

    One of the most compelling reasons to sign up for outplacement services is the potential for faster reemployment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average job seeker takes over 20 weeks to secure a new opportunity. However, Right Management’s internal data shows that individuals using our outplacement services find new jobs twice as fast as the BLS average. With professional support, comprehensive resources and targeted training, these programs can significantly speed up your job search and help you secure a new position much sooner. 


Sign Up for Outplacement Services Today

While it’s natural to feel hesitant about signing up for outplacement services after a layoff, the benefits far outweigh any reservations you may have. From professional career guidance and resumé assistance to interview preparation and emotional support, outplacement services provide comprehensive support to help you navigate this transition successfully. Embracing these resources can make a significant difference in your job search journey, leading to faster reemployment and a more positive outcome. If you’ve been offered outplacement services, take advantage of them and give yourself the best chance for a successful career transition. 

If you’ve been offered outplacement services through Right Management and are ready to start your program, visit our website to sign up and learn more.  


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