Why Me? How to Stand Out in the Interview Process

You have an authentic job interview story to tell that’s different than anyone else. Here’s how to embrace it when you’re asked what sets you apart.

Professional man preparing for a job interview

You’re in a job interview and it’s going well, and then you get asked the final question: What sets you apart from other candidates? Why should we hire you over others? You think back to your resume and what makes you unique. What should you focus on? How do you answer this question? 
Be humble 
Your first instinct is to make it about you and explain how you’re superior than other candidates’ skills. The problem is you don’t know the other candidates and what they have offer. Maybe on paper you look very similar to everyone else. If you oversell yourself in relation to others, you simply come off looking arrogant. So the first step is to be yourself, and showcase how you fit into a team. 
Make it about them 
Instead, share what you like most about the company and how you see yourself specifically contributing. It’s not just about your skills, but how they align with the company’s needs. Emphasize not just that you have these skills, but how you want to use them to meet the goals of the organization. 
Tell a personal story 
Anyone can recite a lot of skills from a resume, but that doesn’t show your unique story and how that brought you to this company at this point in time. Rather than repeat bullet points, tell a story that demonstrates how your education, evolution and journey intersects with this job. Others may have similar skills, but your story belongs only to you. 
Show why you want it 
All things being equal, the candidate who demonstrates they are passionate about this particular role is usually the one who will be hired. Set yourself apart by sharing what you admire about the company and why you want to work there. To accomplish this, ask yourself first why you are applying beyond the salary and benefits. Be honest with yourself, and you can be honest with others. 
The question of “why me?” can be one of the trickiest questions to answer in a job interview because there’s no right or wrong answer. But it’s also an opportunity to dig deeper, show who you really are, and set yourself apart from other candidates with your authentic personal story. 
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