Maturing with your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has been around for nearly 15 years! When was the last time you updated your profile?

Believe it or not, LinkedIn has been around for nearly 15 years. As the platform matures and evolves, your profile may be showing signs of needing some updates or makeover to keep up with the times. Here’s how to conduct an audit and update LinkedIn to reflect where you are in your career. 
Update your photos 
Are you using a profile picture from three jobs ago? It might be time to upload a more recent photo if your hairstyle or clothes look like they’re from another era. In addition to the standard headshot, LinkedIn now has banner images that live at the top of your profile. Take advantage of the larger real estate in the banner area to show yourself in action -- giving a presentation, volunteering or creating in your workspace. 
Import your contacts 
When you’re setting up your profile, LinkedIn invites you to invite email contacts as connections. If it’s been a few years since you joined LinkedIn, you’ve probably added many new names to your business email contacts since then. You want to connect with the right people on LinkedIn. Take a minute to re-import your email contacts to add these new connections to your network. 
Write a blog 
Along with sharing status update and links, LinkedIn now allows you to create your own blog within your LinkedIn profile. This allows you to share more of your own expertise in a convenient package, rather than sending readers to another site. LinkedIn blogs have the added bonus of notifying your network when you’ve published. Find more details on how to publish a blog on LinkedIn here.
Write recommendations and endorsements 
In communication theory, the law of reciprocity means that when we do favors for others, they want to do favors for you. But people only feel that way when you act genuinely. With that in mind, write LinkedIn recommendations for colleagues you admire and endorse business contacts who have helped you. Do it with sincerity -- and you may be pleasantly surprised at the result. Find more on LinkedIn etiquette dos and don'ts here.
Stay Focused 
Literally. StayFocusd and Freedom are browser extensions that lets you limit your time on sites like Facebook or Twitter. Use these tools to set a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes on sites where you normally waste extra time, and then use your newfound free time to update your profile headline, leave comments, send messages and engage with others on LinkedIn
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