How to Promote Your Personal Brand with YouTube

Your personal brand is your calling card, and it defines who you are in the workplace. Leverage YouTube to promote your personal brand and demonstrate your value to potential employers.

Personal branding is as important today as career management and retirement planning. Talented individuals still aspire to work for strong employer brands as previous generations did but look for employment security within themselves, not the organization. In fact, 47 percent of respondents in a recent Right Management survey said they expect to work at two to five companies during their careers. Another 20 percent indicated six to nine organizations. With social media, you can develop and promote your personal brand while preparing yourself for your career journey. YouTube is one of many platforms that allows you to both establish and promote your personal brand in a visual and compelling way.
Professional YouTube Personal Branding Best Practices
Follow these tips to improve your personal brand using YouTube:
  1. Promote your subject matter expertise. There are a variety of ways to demonstrate your expertise with videos—tutorials, slideshow presentations, lectures, and more. The key is to use your YouTube channel to position yourself as an expert so that potential employers can see you in action.
  2. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Use keywords to to make your channel searchable. That will require learning some new skills such as how to conduct keyword research and optimize your social media profiles for search engines. Learn how to use meta tags and how to write video descriptions to improve your views and shares.
  3. Set up a Guru account. This will allow you to add a custom logo and a link to your personal website. This will make you look more professional, and serious about your personal brand.
  4. Don't just make videos, build a community. Network with others within your profession, including other employees with your skills and employers who hire people with your skills. Some of the people in your community may be your future employers or partners in business. Keep an open mind and build a network you can tap into throughout your career.
Promoting your personal brand through YouTube takes time and commitment. Before you start, decide what your personal brand is and plan your YouTube strategy around it.  
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