5 Ways to Make Your Personal Branding More Visual

In 2017, you'll need to get creative with your personal branding. One way to do that is with images. Try these five personal branding tactics to make your personal brand more visual.

Social media and online marketing tactics have made personal branding more visual. The following visual tactics are not for everyone, but if you are vying for a telecommute job, a job where you'll be required to work with graphics, or where image is important, then these visual personal branding tips can help you land the job you want.
  1. Use the same headshot on all social media – Not to say a professional photo is never needed, but today's digital cameras allow anyone to take great high resolution photos. In a few minutes, you can take a decent selfie and use it as your headshot on all your social media accounts. Take several photos and use the best one. Experiment with poses, smiles, how you dress (from the waist up), and your background. Crop that one photo and use it for all of your accounts.If you have unflattering photos of yourself online, have them removed. They will hurt your image.
  2. Make your resume visual – Getting too visual can backfire, so forget photos. Instead, write a short benefits-focused summary at the top of your resume. Use bullet statements to encourage scanning. White space and bold headers are other visual tools you can use. Finally, make judicious use of bold and italics, and don't overdo it.  
  3. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have – In other words, if you're gunning for a promotion, identify individuals in that role. How do they present themselves? Leverage those learnings to select a work wardrobe that aligns with your goals. 
  4. Make all branding materials match your website - Branding is about consistency. That includes colors, fonts, graphics, and your message. This ensures your brand is recognizable at a glance. A personal website is a great way to communicate your value to potential employers. If it makes sense to create one, ensure the messaging and images there add value and reinforce your strengths. 
  5. Infographic displaying your expertise – An infographic is a visual that allows you to tell a story with minimal words overlaid on one graphic. If you're a graphic designer, for instance, you can make your resume an infographic and post it to your website and social media.
Personal branding is an important skill in today's fast-moving world of work. Take the time to ensure the visual elements of your personal brand are in line with the message you want to send potential employers. 
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