Women, We Have a Problem

Why It’s Time For Employers To Get Talking

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Women, We Have a Problem: Why It’s Time For Employers To Get Talking

As technology continues to disrupt, and we see the emergence of a skills revolution, we know the biggest impact will be felt by women.

They’re already underrepresented in industries anticipating greatest job growth—engineering, technology, architecture and mathematics and they’re overrepresented in sectors most threatened by digitization, automation and robotics—office and administration positions.

When just one in four women have had a Career Conversation about how their skills can be developed, and only one in five are having ongoing Career Conversations with their manager, how can we shift the needle? Women need to develop their learnability: their desire and ability to learn new skills to stay relevant and take advantage of these new roles. And employers need to nurture women’s learnability to ensure they have the skills for the future. Progress begins with effective Career Conversations.

In this paper we look specifically at responses from women around the following themes:

  • The most important questions employees have about their careers
  • How employees feel about their skills development
  • Where employees go for career advice
  • How high quality Career Conversations translate into valuable individual and organizational outcomes
  • The benefits of mentoring vs. sponsoring

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Mentoring Is Not Enough. Women Need Sponsors.

Author: Stacey Force, Vice President, Global Marketing Center of Excellence, Right Management

Excerpt from this post:

"Sponsorship is a critical factor in helping talented, motivated individuals advance in the business world—and women in particular desperately need this type of support. Despite increased recognition of the disparity between men and women in senior roles, the percentage of women still stands at a scant 24 percent globally."

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Accelerating Women with Responsive and Responsible Leadership

Author: Bridget Beattie, Group Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific Middle East, Right Management

Excerpt from this post:

"With automation, artificial intelligence and robotics becoming the norm of business models, there is great concern that these defining technologies will impact female workers more than males. Now more than ever, organizations and leaders must ensure that they are alleviating digital impacts in a way that creates equal workforce opportunities for all women."

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Career Conversations – How to Engage Women

Author: Nicole C. Sellers, Senior Career Management Consultant, Right Management

Excerpt from this post:

"Many organizations say they want to increase women in leadership roles and close the “gender gap,” and while many factors play into this, a good place for employers to start is to focus on engagement."

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7 Ways to Build a Culture that Nurtures High Potential Women

Author: Eleanor Hanley, Consultant, Right Management

Excerpt from this post:

"The case for gender parity is clear. Leverage these guidelines to create a culture of inclusion in your organization."

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The Right Management Global Career Conversation Study was conducted November-December 2015 to develop a deeper understanding of employees' perceptions about self managing careers across geographic regions, gender and age groups.

Our 4,433 respondents represented 15 countries (Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States) and ranged in age from 25 to 55. We surveyed both individual contributors and managers on the following areas:

  • What are the most important questions employees have about their careers?
  • How do employees feel about the way they are being developed?
  • Who do employees speak to for career advice?
  • In what ways do development and high quality Career Conversations translate into important individual and organizational outcomes?

Click here to read Talk The Talk: How Ongoing Career Conversations Drive Business Success

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