Learnability In The Human Age

Professional success is determined both by an individual's ability to adapt to change and their willingness to learn.

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How Learnability Is Impacting the World of Work

As technological innovation accelerates the pace of change, there is growing awareness that individuals who seek learning opportunities will be better positioned for career growth. Today, professional success is determined both by an individual's ability to adapt to change and their willingness to own the progression of their career.

"More than 90% of employers expect their organization to be impacted by digitization in the next two years." The Skills Revolution, ManpowerGroup, 2017

The Learnability Quotient™ represents a new way for users to assess their learning types and receive recommendations for how to develop.

What is Learnability?

Why Learnability is Important

In dynamic markets, technology is creating change at an accelerated pace, causing a skills revolution. As a result, it's important for individuals to seek out continuous professional development in order to remain attractive to employers, and for companies to enable their workforce to learn new skills and to adapt to new processes and technologies. As curiosity has been shown to be a predictor of an individual's employability, learnability can also be an indicator of career mobility (as it indicates how agile an individual is).

“Employers need to recognize and reward learnability. They need to nurture it to avoid losing out or lacking critical skills on their workforce.” Millennial Careers: 2020 Vision, ManpowerGroup 2016

In partnership with Hogan X (the new analytics division of Hogan Assessments, the leading provider of personality assessments), ManpowerGroup has developed a web-based visual assessment to identify each individual's LQ (Learnability Quotient) - providing insight into their motivation and type of learning.

How Learnability Quotient Can Help

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Benefits to the Individual:

  • Enables you to understand what type of learner you are
  • Provides resources to help you improve your learnability


Benefits to the Organization:

  • Enables decision making around engagement
  • Indicates employee learning types
  • Gauges awareness and motivation around the need for self-development


With results expressed via three dimensions (Adventurous :: The intrinsic desire to explore; Intellectual :: Motivated to learn; and, Unconventional :: Questions the status quo), the Learnability Assessment empowers organizations and individuals to succeed.



Gain additional perspective on Learnability from some of Right Management’s senior leaders.

What Is Learnability Anyway And Why Should You Care?

Authors: Lory Antonucci, M.Ed., GPHR, Senior Talent Management Consultant and Suzanne Saxe-Roux, Ed.D., Senior Talent Management Consultant

Excerpt from this post:

In today's world of work, talent has replaced capital as the key competitive differentiator. As individual lifespans increase, organizations must consider the important role employee Learnability will have on their future success.

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How Intelligent Machines Are Re-setting the Agenda in Talent Development

What Is Learnability Anyway And Why Should You Care?

Author: Stacey Force, Vice President, Global Marketing, Right Management

Excerpt from this post:

“Evolving automation is the push we need to get serious around talent management strategies for upskilling and re-skilling employees.”

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