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Reinforce A Culture of Care


Successful organizations know that people are a key driver of their success. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly 70% of frontline leaders expressing interest in developing their leadership skills. And if their current employer won't develop them, they will find a different organization that will. 

Industry: Healthcare

Revenue: $4.5B

Country: United States


The Scenario

It's one of the reasons why a large Midwestern-based healthcare system with over 90 clinics wanted to reinforce its commitment to care and ensure its first-line managers modeled and reinforced their core principles. The client needed a scalable solution to develop these managers consistently across its system. Given the nature of the work, the solution needed to be flexible, efficient, and pragmatic. 


The Solution

Right Management delivered a three-month blended learning experience that leverages a digital platform for content, cohort and peer learning. The program was aligned to the organization’s “commitment to care” culture. To date, 900 managers have gone through the leadership development program


The Outcome

  • 100% of participants said the content was critical to their jobs and they will apply what they learned.
  • The client has experienced 6% lower turnover among participants, compared to overall management attrition.
  • Managers in the program demonstrated a 17% higher engagement score than non-participants.



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