2024 State of Careers

Money Can’t Buy You Loyalty

Why fit and development are the keys to employee retention


Leaders across industries believe pay, benefits and perks significantly drive employee engagement and loyalty.  

Once again, leaders are out of touch.  

“Money Can’t Buy You Loyalty,” an eye-opening report by Right Management, reveals today’s workforce can’t be bought with moderate pay increases and on-site gyms. Instead, employees crave a good organizational fit, career opportunities and new talent development approaches, leading to individual growth and self-optimization. Leaders must act fast to foster meaningful career journeys, with the engagement crisis looming, threatening retention and productivity.  

Inside, you’ll find: 

  • New research countering the widespread myth that employees can be bought.
  • The impacts of leader misperceptions and their effects on organizational health. 
  • Actionable strategies for driving loyalty and engagement and, by extension, bridging the gap between what leaders believe and what employees really want. 

“Money Can’t Buy You Loyalty” is the second report in Right Management’s 2024 State of Careers series. The series aims to enable HR executives and industry leaders to make actionable, data-driven business decisions that help individuals grow and organizations thrive. 

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