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Powering Up the Leader Assessment Processes


Client Industry 

Electronics Development and Manufacturing 


The organization had identified a number of high potential individuals as being qualified for Vice Presidential roles in two of their primary departments: client management and operations. To ensure they selected the most appropriate candidates they sought to leverage a broader market perspective, engaging Right Management as a partner to help them: 

  • Develop a set of competencies for the leadership roles
  • Create a consistent assessment and development process based on their new competency model 
  • Enable participants to get meaningful feedback, since there were concerns that company leaders were not skilled in providing feedback 


Right Management tailored a program that included assessment and development to meet the company’s needs. This included: 

Soliciting input from subject matter experts within the organization to anchor the success profile and develop the desired leader competencies 

Providing developmental assessments of the candidates followed by a series of interviews with the consultant team in order to position the individuals for effective feedback sessions 

Comprehensive reporting on the assessment results so leaders could identify gaps in their talent, as well as opportunities to develop the high potentials in group or individual settings. 


Several candidates were promoted, and strategies were put in place to build on their strengths. Based on insights gained during the assessment process, those candidates not selected embarked on alternate career paths in the organization. Overall, the process enabled leadership to focus on the true developmental talent for promotion and put strategies in place to address the gaps. 



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