Individual coaching that empowers talent to flourish.


On-demand coaching, empowering talent and accelerating performance.

Build Leadership Skills

Create a coaching culture, empower employees through an easy-to-use virtual platform, and provide them the tools needed to direct their development.

More than 98% of Leaders participating in Right Management Coaching have experienced:

  • Being able to readily use the knowledge and skills learned through coaching directly to their jobs.

  • Gained new knowledge and skills

Increase Employee Retention and Engagement

Easy access to coaches around the globe makes coaching more accessible to a broader group of people while providing confidential, timely support and leadership development.

More than 98% of Leaders participating in Right Management Coaching have experienced:

  • Expectations of engagement were clear directly to their jobs.

  • Gained new knowledge and skills

  • Focus areas of coaching align with key business priorities

ROI for Employers

Individual coaching in a variety of business practices can help workers substantially increase their productivity, resulting in an ROI of nearly seven times the initial investment.

  • 96% of Managers reported coaching improved the Leader’s job performance.

  • 94% cited that coaching is a worthwhile investment for the leader’s career development.

  • 96% said that coaching was a worthwhile investment for the organization.

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On-Demand Situational Coaching

Experience first-hand how RightCoach’s situational coaching can help your organization build leadership skills, increase employee engagement and improve retention.

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A flexible platform built on best-in-class technology.

Easy–to-use, on-demand, self-service scheduling with dependable technology.


Book a session within 2 hours, available any time. Book 30 or 60-minute sessions.

Reliable Reporting

Robust reporting provides visibility to organizational data and insights including engagement, satisfaction, and visibility to organizational topics.

RightCoach Mobile Design

A complement to Traditional Coaching

High-impact sessions address situational needs while building core competencies for the future, creating a more personal, real-time coaching solution.

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The global expertise necessary to flourish.

Right Management coaches are highly skilled qualified coaches with business and industry expertise from around the globe.

Coaching Requirements

  • A minimum of 5-years business and coaching experience

  • Graduate degree and formal coaching training

  • Specialty experience in RightCoach topic areas

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How it works

Our platform allows individuals to organize and schedule sessions, choose a coach, and identify the topics to be covered and discussed.

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