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Global Reach with Localized Deployment​


Industry: Technology

Revenue: Over $60 billion

Country: United States

The Scenario

To meet the changing needs of a dynamic market, this top tech company had to realign their talent strategy. This realignment had a global impact on talent, which caused this client to seek an outplacement provider that could scale and partner with them to effectively transition 6,000 employees from around the globe with a full understanding of local cultures and legislation. Right Management had a long relationship with this firm, driven predominantly by relationships in the U.S.; and was chosen to handle the project globally based on the need for scalability and consistent delivery.

The Solution

The tailored solution addressed global complexities and met the client’s goal of a consistent experience to transitioning candidates. Right Management identified country leads to partner with HR and help navigate through local labor law to effectively transition employees. The solution included a standard suite of programs aligned to employee level and tenure, as well as:

  • Live Q&A sessions for exiting employees
  • A global career management program to help affected employees assess their career path, values, goals and needs in order to determine whether they still fit within the organization’s culture and vision for countries with more rigorous labor policies.
  • Personal outreach from a Right Management team member introducing employees to the outplacement program.


The Outcome

  • 48% increase in  participants reporting feeling prepared for their job search
  • Over 95% of participants likely to recommend Right Management in the future
  • 96% program satisfaction rate
  • 44% of eligible employees took advantage of the service within the first month


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