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A Development Culture​


It can cost 6x less to build talent from within than to hire externally (Bersin). Forward-looking organizations are taking action by prioritizing the development of their workers to build the skills they need while optimizing cost and investment.

Industry: Manufacturing

Revenue: $3.5B

Country: United States


The Scenario

After many years of little investment, a North American chemicals company sought to build a comprehensive career development strategy to improve employee engagement and enhance internal mobility. 


The Solution

Right Management partnered with the client to shape an overall career development strategy and implemented a career management program for employees at all levels that included elements such as assessment, training and coaching in effective self-marketing and career development planning. As a result of the Right Management Career Management Program, career development has become institutionalized across the organization, and a development culture continues to grow.


The Outcome

  • 2,400+ employees and 400 leaders have participated in the career management programs​.
  • The client has reported increased engagement since implementing the program​.
  • 98% of participants reported overwhelming satisfaction with the career management program​.



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