Managing Talent in the Human Age

How Companies Are Using the Four Future Forces to Attract and Manage Talent

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Today's workforce looks very different than it did twenty years ago.Is your organization positioned for success?


Welcome to The Human Age, where four key global forces—shifting demographics, the rise of individual choice, customer/client sophistication, and technological revolution—are challenging companies to rethink how they manage talent and fill their leadership pipeline. As the workforce changes and talent becomes a key economic differentiator, employers need to focus on creating strategies that promote talent agility if they hope to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic market. Employers who recognize and adapt to today’s global forces will be tomorrow’s market leaders.

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Right Management is the global career and talent development expert within ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN).  We help organizations become more agile, attractive and innovative by creating a culture of career management and learning that nurtures future talent, motivates and engages people, and provides individuals with opportunities to increase their value throughout their careers.  We improve time to value through our expertise in organizational effectiveness, career management and individual development.  Our approach is centered on the fact that organizations thrive when individuals are successful in their careers.  We’ve spent the last 35 years identifying workforce challenges and developing innovative solutions, enabling our globally informed methods to be time-tested across more than 50 countries.