When it Comes to Accelerating Sales Force Performance, Average is Over – You Need to Raise the Bar

Evaluating and rewarding performance is only one part of the sales performance improvement process. While performance appraisals are useful, they need to be part of a robust and on-going dialogue that optimizes sales productivity and results.


To accelerate sales force performance in an increasingly sophisticated, competitive and complex marketplace, you need to adapt your business models, your processes, and your people to maintain a competitive advantage. This means aligning sales executives’ performance with your business objectives and making strategic investments in their skill-sets and identified gaps.

Sales Force Productivity Opportunities


Most important, you want to raise the bar and present challenging sales, performance and customer service goals. You also need to align goal achievement with performance-based rewards. Doing so will address the following challenges and positively impact your bottom line.



It is valuable to examine closely where sales and sales performance improvement opportunities exist. Then raise the bar and provide your team with the knowledge and skill-sets to achieve those goals – for example, sales executive coaching or sales mentoring can have a dramatic impact on performance and outcomes.


As you create your sales force development programs, we suggest including the following elements:



Raising the bar and preparing your salesforce to achieve these goals will maximize the potential to increase sales productivity, improve performance, and ultimately help achieve top line revenue growth.



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