Selecting a Talent Management Partner for Your Organization

Today’s business environment is increasingly less stable and hard to predict. With 35+ years of experience, Vanguard Leader award-winner Right Management can help your organization achieve success.

Today’s business environment is increasingly less stable and hard to predict. With 35+ years of experience, Vanguard Leader award-winner Right Management can help your organization achieve success.
Right Management has won ALM Vanguard Leader status, an honor given to consulting firms for their capabilities, performance, and reputation. For businesses who want to rethink their talent management strategies, it’s a rare marker of certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.
As we all know, the modern business world is complex and dynamic with tremendous pressure to achieve and maintain high performance.  Many expected that as the recession subsided, the world would return to business as usual. That hasn’t happened.
Today’s business environment is increasingly less stable and hard to predict — we call it “certain uncertainty.” Businesses are adjusting by exploring new strategies that are better suited to rapid change, shorter business cycles, technological disruption, and skill shortages.  
Additional factors—digitization, a multi-generational workforce, and scarcity of talent—have amplified the importance of a solid talent management strategy aligned to business goals and focused on attracting, developing and retaining high performing talent.  Many organizations recognize they cannot effectively build or execute a comprehensive talent strategy internally and look to Talent and Career Management consulting firms for help. 
With so many consulting organizations—from large broad-based firms to local boutiques that target specific talent processes—it can be difficult to select one that will deliver the results and return on investment you require.  Here are the five things to consider when evaluating a Talent Management consulting firm:
  1. Capabilities rooted in workforce expertise.  The firm you select should be a recognized thought leader, bringing insight around workforce trends and needs based on primary research and deep experience in talent and career management.  The right firm will have the ability to understand macro trends such as digital transformation, translate their impact on your current and future workforce, and advise on positioning your organization for optimal outcomes.
  2. Ability to enable business transformation.  Look for a firm that starts with a comprehensive discovery process to understand the needs of your business and your workforce. This ensures that design and delivery produce outcomes will align with your business goals. 
  3. Collaborative agility in delivering solutions.  Because the needs and goals of each organization are different, solutions and tools should flex to accommodate unique requirements.  Collaborating internally with your team to hybridize solutions accelerates the effectiveness and impact of your program. 
  4. Use of modern learning and delivery technologies.  Look for firms that use technology in innovative ways to enhance employee engagement, leadership development, and learning—such as micro-learning, learning reinforcement, and experiential learning.  The best providers supply real-time feedback to the organization on the impact and effectiveness of leadership programs.
  5. Expert Consulting Personnel.  The firm you choose should employ consulting personnel who are strategic thinkers, have demonstrated business acumen, and can make the connections between talent management initiatives and business strategy. Also, they should be able to quickly distill a complex problem down to the few key points that matter most and then assist in designing the way forward. 
We are very honored to have recently been named as an ALM Vanguard Leader in Talent & Workforce Consulting.  It is a recognition that we are extremely proud of and have worked hard to achieve, by bringing a breadth and depth of consulting capabilities that consistently drives successful results for our clients. 
At Right Management, we understand what it takes to design and deliver effective talent management programs that drive business outcomes.  We invite you to discover the difference that comes with working with a global Talent and Career Management consulting firm with over 35 years of experience.   



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