Types of Employment Interviews

When you think of employment interviews, you are probably thinking of one-on-one interviews, but there are other types of interviews that you should be aware of in case a prospective employer requests one of them. So expect the unexpected since employment interviews range from the simple one-on-one to the more complex panel interview. By knowing about, and understanding each type of employment interview, any candidate can perform well, acing the interview.


One-on-One Interview

This type of interview is conducted between a hiring manager (Or any other company representative) and the candidate. The questions are centered on the candidate’s job history, knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as the key attributes that the organization finds suitable.


Panel Interview

Two or more company representatives interview a job candidate. Each person on the panel has a function, and the panelists are trying to learn more about the job candidate and to determine his/her personal suitability for the job.


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Group Interview

Panel interviews are sometimes also referred to as group interviews, but a group interview can also mean that a group of candidates is interviewed at the same time.


Phone Interview

The interview is conducted over the phone, and most phone interviews are used as a screening mechanism to determine which job candidates have the basic requirement to warrant a second interview.


Behavioral Interview

This type of interview is meant to discover how the candidate will respond in specific work-related situations. Usually behavioral interviews are not standalone interviews, instead behavioral-style questions are integrated into other types of interviews.


Competency-Based Interview

This type of interview requires that job candidates give concrete examples of times in which they demonstrated specific skills, abilities and attitudes. This type of interview is sometimes included in another interview format.


Case Interview

Management consultancies often request candidates to work on a case study to demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills.


Lunch/Dinner Interview

The interview takes place over a meal in a more casual setting. Despite this, candidates are expected to behave in a professional manner, and it is first and foremost about the interview and not the meal. Having said that, take the time to research proper meal etiquette and which cutlery to use for what. Additionally, look to the interviewer for clues about appropriate behavior. Stay away from foods that are messy to eat – no wings or nachos please.


Open Job Interview

With this type of interview, companies accept job applications during a block of time when all the applicants can attend, and interviews take place on a first come first served basis.


All of the various types of employment interviews require that job candidates prepare prior to the interview. The key to securing a new job is being organized and prepared.



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