Tips on How to Have a Great Job Interview

You’ve focused on creating a personal brand, utilized social media to nurture and build relationships, attended networking events, applied for your dream job, and you have landed an interview! Now what? To get a job offer, you have to ace the interview, and perform better than competing candidates. You have to prove that you’re the best person for the position.


To ensure that you have a great interview, the process starts before the interview. Prospective employers are hiring because they have a problem that they have to solve. There are clues in the job ad, and you may have spotted them to produce a resume that secured you an interview. Take it one step further and talk to former colleagues who work/worked for the company, or other connections you have made, so you can get some insider’s knowledge. In other words, conduct company research.


With your newfound knowledge, develop strategies to demonstrate that you understand the issues and can solve them. Keep in mind that there are really only three things that a prospective employer is concerned with:


  1. Can you perform the job?
  2. Do you really have the desire to perform the job optimally?
  3. Are you the right fit for the role and the organization?


Do a practice interview with a mentor or coach who understands the role and will ask appropriate questions. Make sure you get feedback on how you can perform better. Video record your practice interview to deconstruct it to identify non-verbal behaviours that may hinder you, and create strategies to deal with them. While you review the video, do you come across as someone who is passionate and really wants the job, and more importantly, based on what you’re seeing, would you honestly hire you?


Arrive early for the interview and dress professionally – comfortable clothing that are the proper fit and color. Listen carefully to the questions and answer the questions thoughtfully. Always look the interviewer into the eyes to show that you are engaged. If the interviewer asks a question that you didn’t anticipate, remain calm, pause while thinking about what you know about the company then answer. Your objective during the interview is to demonstrate that YOU are the right person for the role.


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