Internships for Grown-Ups

When you think of internships, students often come to mind, but adult internships, also known as non-traditional internships, are a growing phenomenon. Securing an adult internship, which is usually unpaid, is one of the ways that you can use your time off wisely, and it allows you to get hands-on experience in areas of interest. It could also be used to rule out a career path by test-driving it first. To benefit optimally from an adult internship, there has to be a clearly defined objective to ensure that the job seeker’s and the organization’s needs are met.


Benefits of Adult Internships

Internships for grown-ups are difficult, but not impossible to acquire. It is easier to get an adult internship in start-up companies, small and medium-sized businesses, boutique firms, non-profit organizations, and overseas firms, many of which are offering virtual internships. It takes time and commitment to acquire them. After you have acquired an adult internship, formalize the agreement by making sure that it is in writing. Additionally, and most importantly, since most internships are unpaid or poorly paid, decide on the optimal length of your internship based on your financial situation and what you are trying to accomplish with the internship.


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