How to Write a Bio like a Pro

As social networking has become widespread, one of the ways to build your brand is to craft a bio that you can use across all communications platforms. All of your social media accounts and your professional website and blog should include your bio. Writing about yourself can be difficult, but a few guidelines will simplify the process.


Advantages of Using a Bio

·  You are free to write it in any style and format.

·  Because of the less formal format, you can use it as an opportunity to convey your personal brand.

·  You control what you include, so your bio contains the most impressive information.

·  You get to present the information in any sequence that you wish.

·  It can be a quick and easy exercise.


Ground Rules for Writing a Bio

·  It should be written in a conversational style so it is easy and interesting to read.

·  It is written in the first person so you comes across as being personable.

·  Should not exceed one page, and ideally you should have a micro, short, and a long version.

·  The first paragraph should be attention-grabbing, and split your bio into short paragraphs to make it easier to read.


Sections of Most Bios

·  Current job, business or professional experience

·  Education

·  Publications or presentations you have completed

·  Professional memberships you currently hold

·  Awards, honors and certifications you have received

·  Your contact information


Steps to Writing a Bio like a Pro

·  What is the purpose for writing your bio? Who will read it? Are you using it on the About Page on your blog, or on your social media profile, or in your book, or in a proposal to secure a consulting assignment? The purpose of writing your bio will influence the length and style of it.

·  Start with an attention-grabbing sentence, including your name in the first sentence, written in the first person.

·  Three versions of your bio. Write a one page bio, after you have edited and proofread, extract one hundred words for a shorter bio, then craft a one sentence bio that you can use as an elevator pitch, or on a micro blogging platform such as Twitter. If crafted well, the micro bio could also be used as your LinkedIn headliner. In the long form of your bio, be sure to include the sections that are mentioned above.

·  Sleep on it, then read and rewrite. You bio is a work in progress so you will always be updating it. Additionally, get a friend to edit before you use it.


Special Uses of Bios

·  Networking – online and offline

·  Consulting assignments/Proposals to clients

·  Marketing materials

·  Speaking engagements

·  About pages on websites and blogs

·  In books, e-books, reports or any other professional documents that you develop


Bios are increasingly becoming more important so make sure that it sells you and represents the personal brand that you are building.



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