How to Network Like a CEO (a Pro)

The most successful Chief Executive Officers know that no one ever succeeds alone. They understand how valuable a professional network is in attaining success and achieving personal and professional goals. They value the relationships they have cultivated over the years. By virtue of their position, CEOs must be on top of what’s occurring in the company at all times, and be able to monitor and assess the financial health of the organization. They know that a network with the right kind of contacts allows them to accelerate problem-solving and decision-making, and broaden their influence because they have access to private information, diverse thought, and a variety of skills set and power – the right person to connect with in any given situation is just a phone call away. The most successful CEOs are pros at networking and they know how to do it effectively.


CEOs also know that networking is about relationships, so they give before they ask. And because they are super busy, CEOs understand the power of leveraging their professional network of contacts. For them, it’s not about quantity, but the quality of their contacts. In their networks, they have a few connectors who can significantly expand their professional reach. They do not attend networking events, but are members of professional groups where they can discuss issues and challenges with their contemporaries.


The ability to network effectively is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to advance in your career. In your already over-scheduled day, learn how to network like CEOs and strategically build your network of contacts – making sure that you are connected to a few connectors to expand your reach. Your best strategy is to cultivate real, deep and enduring relationships over the years – just like a CEO – where you give as much as you take.


There is no time like the present to start building your professional network. Use social media platforms such asLinkedIn and Twitter to reach out to those around you who can provide the benefits of being in your network, and find ways to be of real service to them. And while you are busy building your network of contacts, don’t forget to assist others in building theirs. By imaging successful CEOs, you will learn how to network effectively.


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