From College to the Workforce: How to Manage a Project Successfully

Understanding how to successfully manage a project is a critical skill in school and in the workforce. Improve your project management skills with these simple steps.

Research says that slightly more than one in three students graduate on time. When you dive into the research results, “Nearly 40 percent take seven years or never graduate, and 26 percent take 5-6 years to graduate increasing the cost of a degree by 25-50 percent.” This track record does not bode well for succeeding in the workplace. The problem is that after completing high school, no one took the time to coach and mentor students, so they know and understand what to expect in college, which is very different from high school. In college, students now have to move into the role of independent learner. Success in college is not about being a genius, or even being smarter than the rest, it is about doing the work when no one is telling or watching you. It is learning independently, while leaving enough time to enjoy yourself and participate in fun activities.
Getting good grades in high school is not a predictor of success in college. A different mindset and behaviors are needed to succeed in college. It is not all bad news, because if a student approaches learning as a project, and manages it like one, then that is a recipe for succeeding in college and subsequently succeeding at work. Want to get a good job after graduation? Demonstrating your ability to successfully project manage your work is a strong selling point to potential employers. 
How to Successfully Manage a Project
The steps above are very involved, but if you want to succeed in college and succeed in work, you have to take your learning seriously, and you have to rely on yourself to achieve your learning goals.
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