Create a Weekly Job Search Marketing Campaign Plan to Find a Job in Record Time

To effectively execute a job search strategy, job seekers can borrow a few pointers from marketers, approaching job search as if it were a marketing campaign. The post, Marketing Strategies for the Creative Job Seeker, outlines the steps to an effective job search marketing campaign. This post extends the tips by streamlining possible activities for you to schedule each week, so you’ll find new employment opportunities in record time. The key thing is to write down the weekly job search activities you have to perform to secure a position, because what is scheduled gets done.


First and foremost, decide how much of your job search time you are dedicating to each of the following: Networking, Direct Contact, Search Firms and Job Ads. Be mindful that most jobs are found through networking, so take that into consideration when you are allocating your time. After you have completed this task, it is time to create a simple Word document which you will use weekly as a guide to what to do. No later than Sunday, make sure that your plan for the upcoming week is finalized.


Sections of a Weekly Job Search Marketing Campaign



By implementing a weekly job search marketing campaign, job seekers are streamlining the job search process, allowing them to perform the critical activities that will assist them in finding new employment opportunities in record time.


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