4 Things to Do After a Job Interview

Completing a job interview doesn't mean the job search is done. It's time to continue the process with these four after-interview steps.

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Making it through a job interview successfully can be a great feeling. You've answered some tough questions and positioned yourself well for an exciting position. However, you don't know anything about your competition or how you stack up against them. One thing you should not do is hang all your hopes on that one interview; there are other jobs out there. Increase your chances of landing one by continuing to interview and searching for the right opportunity. Here are four ways to do that effectively.
  1. Send a thank you note. Most interviewees walk out of the interviewer's office and don't look back. Just because you have other job prospects doesn't mean you should forget about the interview you just completed. The day after your interview, send a thank you note expressing your gratitude for being considered for the position. Also, include a few highlights of the interview and recap your most impressive qualifications. 
  2. Review the interview. How did it go? Did you stumble over your words or get hung up on any of the questions? Ask yourself what you can learn from the interview to make your next one even better.
  3. Send out more resumes. Searching for a job requires a strategy. Identify several positions and employers that match your career goals and send resumes to all of them. As soon as you complete an interview, send out a few resumes. This will remind you that the job search process isn't over until you've been given an offer and you've accepted it.
  4. Prepare for the next interview. If you've already scheduled another interview, then take some time to prepare for it. Research the company you'll be interviewing with as well as the interviewer. Find something you have in common that will help you anchor the interview the moment you walk in the door. The key to a successful interview is to be well prepared before it happens.
With diligence and preparation, you'll increase your chances of receiving a job offer more quickly if you follow these tips on what to do after the job interview.
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