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Istanbul, Turkey 4-6 June 2012

The pace and complexity of global change in recent years have been unprecedented, with Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia emerging as a key mega-region of the future. WEF on Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia will convene over 1,000 leaders to catalyze new partnerships for growth and human development.

  • In light of the global economic contraction, how can governments and business leaders design and deliver new models to drive innovation and economic agility across this mega-region?

  • How can the region strengthen energy cooperation and deliver the high-value trade and investment in science and research that are critical to knowledge economies?

  • How can the social dynamism unlocked by developments in the Middle East and North Africa be transformed into a decade of entrepreneurial opportunity, human security and good governance?

Several ManpowerGroup executives are participating in Istanbul, bringing ManpowerGroup's unique world of work expertise to leaders from business, politics, academia, the media and society.

David Arkless ManpowerGroup President of Corporate and Government Affairs, will be participating in the following sessions:

Youth Employment Crisis — Time for Action (Discussion Leader)

Tuesday, 5 June, 9:00a.m. – 10:15a.m.

With an estimated 75 million young people out of work worldwide, business and government leaders urgently need to address the youth employment crisis. Business leaders, policymakers, the Forum's Global Shapers, Global Agenda Council Members and other experts will explore what actions can help solve the youth employment crisis in the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia.

Harnessing Talent Mobility for Growth (Panelist)

Wednesday, 6 June, 9:00a.m. – 10:15a.m.

How can the potential of talent mobility across regions be optimized in light of perceived risks? Dimensions to be addressed: Addressing populist xenophobia—Overcoming barriers to recognizing qualifications across borders—Countering the brain drain—Finding smart long-term strategies to manage legal migration flows—Building the cross-regional bridge.

Françoise Gri, ManpowerGroup President of France and Southern Europe, will be participating in the following session:

Architecting Action: Closing Turkey's Gender Gap

Monday, 4 June, 5:30p.m.  7:30p.m. 

Women make up one half of the human capital available to any economy. Under the patronage of H.E. Ms Fatma Sahin, Minister of Family and Social Policies of Turkey, the World Economic Forum's Women Leaders and Gender Parity Programme will support the launch of the Turkey Gender Parity Taskforce, an initiative that aims to close the economic gender gap in Turkey by 10% in 3 years. This session brings together selected leaders from the public and private sector that are best placed to accelerate progress on gender parity in Turkey.

In addition, ManpowerGroup will host a lively and thought-provoking breakfast discussion:

The Age of Talentism — Transforming the Talent Ecosystem 

Tuesday, 5 June, 7:30a.m. – 8:30a.m.

Arkless, Gri and Dalia Narkis, ManpowerGroup Managing Director, Eastern Mediterranean Countries, will analyze the world of work trends evolving the Human Age — the "Normal Now" where the rise of Talentism as the new Capitalism puts unprecedented value on talent as the driver of business success. The ongoing crisis in Europe, the acceleration of emerging markets coupled with the deceleration of OECD economies, geopolitical upheaval, the inversion of abundances and scarcities, and worldwide talent shortages are having a major impact on labor markets and major implications for employers.

The complexity and unpredictability of the Human Age and new demands for innovation and productivity have forced employers to think differently and consider new business models, people practices and talent sources in order to successfully navigate this uncertain business landscape and win. Employers who leverage innovative workforce solutions to provide them with the flexibility and agility they need in such a fast-paced environment, closely aligning business strategy with a comprehensive workforce strategy, will be the ones who drive business forward and lead their companies to success.