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Work Models

Employers who leverage a range of flexible work models incorporating full-time, part-time workers and remote or virtual talent with in-demand skills, will maintain a serious advantage in the Human Age.

The Role of Contingent Workers in Workforce Strategy Survey

November 2009

This Manpower research report draws on responses from more than 41,000 employers in 35 countries and territories to learn more about the current role of contingent workers in workforce strategy. Manpower believes that over time, as companies emerge from this recession and ultimately recover, contingent workers will play an ever more strategic role in employers' workforce strategy.

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Change and Challenge in the Public Sector Workplace

September 2009

This white paper looks at the myriad of challenges facing both human resources departments and Federal Agency leaders as they try to deal with a retiring labor force and increasing social responsibility and missions. Suggested actions are included that could alleviate some of the pressure.

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2009 Talent Shortage Results Report

May 2009

This report details findings from nearly 39,000 employers across 33 countries and territories to determine the extent to which talent shortages are impacting today's labor markets. The results of the fourth annual Talent Shortage Survey revealed that 30 percent of employers worldwide are having difficulty...

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The Agenda for the New Service Workforce

May 2008

White Paper: This paper from Manpower Malaysia explores the current demographic trends for the young service professional within the services environment and their motivations within the services industry. It also looks at what further steps employers can take to increase retention and engagement levels within this increasingly vital component of the Malaysian workforce.

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