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People Practices

Contemporary people practices and philosophies for the 21st Century must be refined in terms of how companies hire, reward, engage and develop talent.

Teaching a Man Not to Fish is Humanly Possible

December 2011

ManpowerGroup's 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Update demonstrates the powerful ways that the world leader in innovative workforce solutions is helping to unleash human potential all around the globe.

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Hire and Retain the Best with Success Mapping: New Models for Unlocking Human Potential

November 2011

This insights paper is a follow-up from ManpowerGroup's "Manufacturing Talent in the Human Age" thought leadership and talent shortage research from earlier this year, taking it to the next level as it digs deeper to get at what are the core workplace skills and competencies that are driving the talent shortage. This piece also expands on the ManpowerGroup recommended concepts that employers should develop "Job Success Profiles" and employees should develop "Employability Profiles" that were first explored in the "Manufacturing Talent" paper. This insight piece takes these concepts to the next level, providing a template, tools and examples to create a job success profile and employability profile.

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Moving People to Work: Leveraging Talent Mobility to Address the Talent Mismatch in the Human Age

June 2011

In the Human Age, talent mobility—moving people to where the work is—must be one component of a coordinated public-private response to the talent mismatch. While the topic is a political lightning rod in this period of continuing high unemployment, it's important to recognize that talent mobility is a proven way to address many pressing business needs. And talent mobility is not solely about bringing in foreign workers; it's also about moving domestic talent within national borders to balance supply and demand in the labor market.

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Teachable Fit: A New Approach to Easing the Talent Mismatch

May 2010

Employers should consider candidates who may not have all the specific skills a job requires, but are a “teachable fit” based on adjacent skills and capacity to learn...

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Rules of Engagement: Harnessing the Potential of the Contingent Workforce

November 2009

Our new World of Work Insight describes why more organizations are turning to contingent employees to help them achieve strategic goals and better manage risk. It also describes why it is important to align contingent workers with your overall business strategy, and the simple steps you can take to maximize their value and performance.

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How Policymakers Can Boost Youth Employment

September 2009

How governments can closely collaborate with companies and educators in developing and scaling the massive initiatives needed to increase the number of work opportunities available for young people.

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The Global Talent Crunch: Why Employer Branding Matters Now (2009)

May 2009

This eight-page Fresh Perspectives paper discusses the results of our 2009 Talent Shortage Survey and the need for organizations to build their employer brand in order to attract and retain the talent they need. Companies must look beyond this recession to the inevitable recovery and to the intensifying talent shortages that will follow. By focusing now on building their employer brands and enhancing their appeal to talented workers with scarce and vital skills, organizations can position themselves to win lasting competitive advantage in the talent marketplace.

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The Power of Employment Value Proposition: A Solution to Attract and Retain Talent in a Highly Competitive Labor Market

April 2009

As Australia and New Zealand's population continues to age, pressures on the labor market will only become more intense. While many organizations are considering ways to improve their ability to attract and retain the staff they need, employers have been slow to recognize the need to turn theory into reality. Developing a strong employment value proposition (EVP) requires a major commitment from an organization, but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

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Manpower Inc. Calls for Greater Recognition of the Role of Women in the Post-Crisis Labor Market

January 2009

This World of Work Insight calls for the increased engagement of women in the global workforce as a key component of long-term economic growth and sustainable employment.

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