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Human Age 2.0

Changes in the world of work are accelerating at a pace and scale never seen before. Labor markets are out of balance and companies are operating in a highly uncertain environment where it’s increasingly difficult to sustain a competitive advantage. ManpowerGroup has identified that a new era has emerged from this “new normal”. We call it The Human Age, where talent overtakes capital as the key driver of business success.


ManpowerGroup Chairman & CEO Jonas Prising explains what companies must do to stand out in the Human Age and succeed in a faster-paced, global market.

Future Forces at Work

In the Human Age, four trends are driving changes in the workforce: shifting demographics, technological revolution, greater individual choice and the rise of client sophistication.

Click below to hear how these forces are prompting organizations to be more agile and re-think how people and businesses interact and work.

Shifting Demographics

Technological Revolution


Greater Individual Choice

Rise of Client Sophistication

Human Age 2.0 - Future Forces at Work PDF


The new age of work will require a new playbook and employers will need the agility and talent to succeed in the reconfigured labor market. Human Age 2.0: Future Forces at Work offers valuable insights on how organizations can best navigate the changing world of work.

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