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World Headquarters

Photo of ManpowerGroup Headquarters

In September 2007, ManpowerGroup moved into its new world headquarters, a "green building" in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The new facility's design is aligned with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and earned the organization's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification. Sustainable features include the following:

  • The building location is a former brownfield site that has been remediated to make it suitable for construction.

  • 10% of the building materials are made from recycled products.

  • 20% of the building materials were manufactured locally, reducing delivery fuel.

  • 75% of construction waste was recycled.

  • Easy access to public transportation enables employee options in addition to driving to work each day.

  • Energy-efficient alternative transportation is encouraged with preferred parking for high occupancy/fuel efficient vehicles and motorcycles.

  • Special parking, showers and changing areas encourage the use of bicycles as an option.

  • The building exterior and landscaping have been designed to reduce heat absorption and light pollution.

  • The building has been designed to provide views to 90% of workspaces and daylight to 75% of workspaces, reducing the need for energy to light the workspaces.

  • Indoor air pollution is reduced through use of low emitting materials.

  • The building's energy costs are expected to be reduced by 25% compared to a typical building of similar size through a combination of fixture types, bulbs, sensors and programming.

  • Low-flow fixtures and equipment reduce the building's water consumption by approximately 40% percent.

The world headquarters is a model for ManpowerGroup's operations globally and will serve to inspire the design and choices made in future office space, especially our larger locations which provide opportunities for more design and operating innovations including our standards for a more green branch experience.