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December 2012

Infographic: IT leaders Reboot Their Talent Strategy

Recruiting and retaining top IT talent is a key driver for organizational success. To better understand how organizations answer the challenge, Experis conducted research among more than 1,500 IT leaders across six major economies and in six industry sectors.

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March 2012

Attitudes to work among IT and Finance professionals in the UK

The world of work is in a state of flux, with an over-supply of available workers and an under-supply of qualified talent. Changes in attitudes and technology are influencing how, when and where people are working. In this report, we have examined a number of the critical factors organizations need to address to attract, develop and retain the most talented professionals.

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January 2012

Experis: Harnessing the Rising Power of Technical Professions

The world has entered an era of profound and perpetual change; the Human Age. As the IT, finance and engineering sectors transform and continue to lack skilled candidates, there is a growing need for these mission-critical skills and for organizations to unleash the potential of workforces, creating flexible work models that accelerate business success.

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April 2011

The US Coding Challenge: Retaining Coders and Revenues in 2013

The criticality of a healthy bottom line, coupled with the changes Propelled by ICD-10, place the importance of medical coders and accurate coding at the center of the financial equation. This study aims at understanding what challenges this create for organizations and how they have begun to answer those.

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