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Singapore Addendum

If you are a resident of Singapore, the following Singapore-specific provisions apply to our processing of your personal information in addition to or in lieu of, as applicable, the relevant sections of the Global Privacy Policy:

  • We have a duty of confidentiality with respect to information about our employees. Although we will generally maintain confidentiality in the manner described in the “How We Protect Personal Information” section of the Global Privacy Policy, the nature of our business requires that we disclose associate personal information from time to time as described in the “Information We Share” section of the Global Privacy Policy, including to recipients who are located outside of Singapore. The consent of our associates to these recurring exceptions to our confidentiality obligation is essential to the proper operation of our business (and to our provision of work opportunities to them), and is a requirement of employment with us. Our associates provide their written consent to our recurring disclosures of their personal information, and to our transfers of their personal information to locations outside of Singapore, by providing their personal information to us and accepting an employment position with us, and may reaffirm their consent on our Sites.

  • Users of our services (other than our job candidates and associates, such as representatives of our clients and vendors) provide their consent to our collection and use of their personal information by providing the information to us, and by contracting with us and using our services.