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Australia Addenda

If you are a resident of Australia, the following Australia-specific provisions apply to our processing of your personal information in addition to or in lieu of, as applicable, the relevant sections of the Global Privacy Policy:

  • In addition to your applicable rights indicated in the Global Privacy Policy, you may contact us as described in the “How To Contact Us” section of the Global Privacy Policy if you have a complaint about our information practices. We typically respond in writing to complaints within four weeks of receiving the complaint, unless we need to contact you to gather additional information regarding your complaint.

  • If you apply for a job and do not provide all of the information required, we may be unable to consider you for employment opportunities or provide other services to you.

  • Information collected in Australia likely will be processed in any jurisdiction where you are seeking employment, as well as Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Where Manpower enters into agreements with clients who require Personal Information to be retained in Australia, Manpower has special procedures designed to ensure these contractual conditions are complied with.