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A technology roadmap for smarter sourcing helps employers plan for, engage with and evaluate sourcing technology to enhance business results

MILWAUKEE, April 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ManpowerGroup Solutions, an offering of ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, announced today the release of a new whitepaper: "A Technology Roadmap for Smarter Sourcing." The paper offers employers practical solutions on how to design their sourcing technology as a strategic business asset.

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ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO’s strategic framework for sourcing technology

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In the Human Age, talent is the key driver of business success. Yet, continued economic uncertainty makes it difficult for businesses to anticipate their talent needs, and threatens their ability to compete in the marketplace. Business leaders must act swiftly and creatively to engage the right talent to drive business success. With agile sourcing technologies that are aligned with talent and business strategies, hiring processes become more efficient and businesses can respond to hiring demands faster and more effectively.

"ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO has developed a strategic framework for sourcing technology that enables us to rapidly deploy tools that give us an advantage in identifying hard-to-find candidates," said Jim McCoy, Vice President ManpowerGroup Solutions and RPO Practice Lead. "Clients expect us to bring best practices and solutions to them, and this framework enables us to quickly cut through the clutter and implement the most effective tools for our clients' needs. Additionally, it gives recruiters the freedom to experiment with the latest technologies, sharpening their skills and expanding their candidate network."

Knowing the right questions to ask will impact both the cost and overall effectiveness of sourcing efforts.

"The market is saturated with candidate sourcing platforms," added McCoy. "That is why it is critical for employers to use the right sourcing technology that can provide them with in-depth insights into talent trends and help them deliver on business objectives."

ManpowerGroup Solutions:


A well-executed strategic framework for sourcing technology is a business imperative. It enables organizations to remain agile and target the right candidates to achieve business objectives.


Challenge your pre-existing assumptions about talent, recommends ManpowerGroup Solutions RPO. Find out where candidates look for and find jobs.


Willingness to experiment and innovate with talent sourcing technology improves employer’s reputation and candidate attraction. Millenials agree.



To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click:

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