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ManpowerGroup Launches New Three-Year Partnership with Vietnamese Government to Boost Economic Development

December 21, 2011

Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider Continues to Help Build Competitiveness By Up-Skilling Country's Workforce   Read »

ManpowerGroups Global Hiring Confidence Index for Q1 2012 Reveals Employers in 30 of 41 Countries and Territories Surveyed Set to Slow Hiring from Fourth Quarter 2011

December 12, 2011

Financial uncertainty in Europe continues to drag on hiring confidence; positive signals seen in the U.S., Japan and India as Chinese job prospects continue to cool   Read »

World Record "Row For Freedom" Supported by ManpowerGroup

December 5, 2011

Courageous Team Embarks on Atlantic Crossing to Bring Attention to Worldwide Scale of Human Trafficking   Read »

ManpowerGroup Recognized for Unrivalled Expertise and Solutions Across the Asia-Pacific Region

December 2, 2011

ManpowerGroup Wins Prestigious Awards in Hong Kong and Australia for Enabling Employers and Workers to Win in the Human Age   Read »

ManpowerGroup Illustrates How to Improve Top Talent Retention by Defining Success Upfront

November 16, 2011

Hire and Develop the Best Talent by Mapping Hard Skills and Workplace Competencies with Job Success Profiles   Read »

ManpowerGroup Offers Borderless Workforce Solutions to Worlds Talent Mismatch Dilemma

November 13, 2011

New Research Details How To Scale A Workforce Within And Across Borders   Read »

ManpowerGroup Recommends Actions to Address Vietnams Future Labor Force Challenges

November 8, 2011

Developing High-Skill Labor, Education and Training Options, and Managerial Talent Will Enable Long-Term Success   Read »

U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly, As Hiring Inches Up

November 4, 2011

ManpowerGroup Advocates For More Agile Work Models That Can Adjust To Fluctuating Hiring Plans   Read »

ManpowerGroup Advocates For Unlocking Potential of Women And Youth in the Middle East

October 24, 2011

ManpowerGroup President of Corporate and Government Affairs David Arkless Leads World Economic Forum Panel in Jordan   Read »

Newsweek Lists ManpowerGroup Among Greenest Companies in United States

October 21, 2011

ManpowerGroup Is No. 1 Professional Services Company   Read »

ManpowerGroup Reports 3rd Quarter 2011 Results

October 21, 2011

PRNewswire Release   Read »

ManpowerGroup Evolves Professional Resourcing Business with Launch of Experis in China and India

October 20, 2011

Combined Professional Resourcing Business Enables Companies to Find Talent and Accelerate Growth in the Human Age   Read »

ManpowerGroup Solutions TAPFIN Named Largest Vendor-Neutral and Hybrid Managed Service Provider

October 19, 2011

Available Scale Is Critical to Becoming World's Leading MSP   Read »

ManpowerGroup Advocates for Strategic Migration in Europe to Enable Regional Growth

October 18, 2011

ManpowerGroup President of Northern Europe Hans Leentjes Explains How to Align Talent With Demand At Europe 2020   Read »

ManpowerGroup Advocates UK Anti-Slavery Day

October 17, 2011

ManpowerGroup Supports UK Anti-Slavery Day and Calls for Other Organizations to Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking   Read »

ManpowerGroup: Innovative Workforce Solutions Power the World of Work in the Human Age

October 17, 2011

Ciett/Boston Consulting Group Report Shows Private Employment Services Industry Misunderstood, Strengthens Economies and Empowers Individuals   Read »

U.S. Unemployment Rate Plateaus, As Hiring Speeds Up

October 7, 2011

ManpowerGroup Advocates That Employers and Workers Never Stray From Skills Development   Read »

ManpowerGroup and Second Chance Employment Services Pilot a Shared Facility in Atlanta

September 29, 2011

Program to help battered and trafficked women re-enter the workforce   Read »

ManpowerGroup Recognized For Driving Socially Responsible Business Results

September 27, 2011

World Leader in Innovative Workforce Solutions Shares CSR Leadership Successes at 2011 Commit!Forum   Read »

ManpowerGroup Named to Top 50 in Innovation on 2011 InformationWeek 500 List

September 23, 2011

ManpowerGroup Recognized for Innovative Use of Technology to Create Effective Business Solutions   Read »

New Mindset Required To Unleash The Potential of Individual Workers

September 20, 2011

ManpowerGroup Defines Approach to Strategic Workforce Consulting at The Economist's "Ideas Economy: Human Potential" Event   Read »

ManpowerGroups Global Hiring Confidence Index Shows Expectations in India and China Cool Off for 4Q as Brazilian and Taiwanese Employers Continue to Report Robust Hiring Plans

September 13, 2011

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey of 65,000 Employers Reveals Softer Quarter-Over-Quarter Forecasts in 21 of 39 Countries Indicating Growing Hiring Uncertainty, but Shows Stronger Confidence than One Year Ago in Majority of Locations   Read »

ManpowerGroup: Unleashing Potential of People Key to Companies Success and Economic Prosperity in the Human Age

September 9, 2011

ManpowerGroup to Convene Thought Leaders on How to Navigate Challenging and Complex Economic Environment at The Economist's "Ideas Economy: Human Potential" Event   Read »

ManpowerGroup Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Fourth Consecutive Year

September 8, 2011

Global Leader in Innovative Workforce Solutions Recognized for Commitment to Balancing Profitability with Sustainability   Read »

Companies Hit Pause Button on Hiring Amid Economic Soft Patch

September 2, 2011

ManpowerGroup: Employers and Job Seekers Frustrated by Talent Mismatch   Read »

ManpowerGroup Fights Human Trafficking Through New Sponsorship

September 1, 2011

ManpowerGroup has teamed up with charity campaign Row For Freedom to help raise awareness of - and put an end to - human trafficking   Read »

Weak Demand for Companies Core Products and Services Contributes to Slow Jobs Growth

August 5, 2011

ManpowerGroup Warns Skills are at Risk of Becoming Antiquated as Job Seekers Face Long-term Structural Unemployment   Read »

ManpowerGroup Recommends Strategies to Address U.S. Worker Supply and Demand Challenges in the Human Age

July 19, 2011

Joerres Plays Leading Role in The Atlantic's New Work Era Summit on Future Workforce Trends   Read »

U.S. Employment Statistics Stabilize This Summer, As Recruiting Efforts Pick Up

July 8, 2011

ManpowerGroup Advocates That Employers and Workers Stay Focused on Skills Development and Alignment   Read »

ManpowerGroup Escalates Corporate Partnership Effort in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

July 5, 2011

ManpowerGroup's David Arkless Voted President of the Board of End Human Trafficking Now!   Read »

ManpowerGroup Marks World Refugee Day on 60th Anniversary of UNHCR Refugee Convention

June 20, 2011

Campaign Puts Plight of Individual Refugees and their Untapped Human Potential in Spotlight   Read »

ManpowerGroup Expands Solutions Presence Across South China by Acquiring REACH HR

June 14, 2011

New Base in Guangdong Province Is Integrated Workforce Solutions Platform for Guangzhou and Shenzhen Businesses   Read »

ManpowerGroup Outlines How Asian Companies Can Increase the Number of Women in Leading Roles for Economic Advantage

June 13, 2011

Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider Says Gender Parity is Key to Organizations Maintaining Growth in the Region   Read »

ManpowerGroup Calls for Increased Talent Mobility to Bridge Skills Gaps

June 8, 2011

Moving People for Work Part of Coordinated Response to Ongoing Talent Mismatch   Read »

ManpowerGroup on Collaboration as Key to Creating a Flexible and Stable Workforce That Fuels European Growth

June 7, 2011

High-level Panelists at the World Economic Forum on Europe and Central Asia Discuss the Need for Cohesion Between Public and Private Sector to Create the European Labor Market of the Future   Read »

ManpowerGroup Expands West and North Central China Presence by Acquiring Xian Fesco and Partnering with Henan Province

June 6, 2011

Xi'an Fesco Acquisition and New Partnership with City of Kaifeng Provide ManpowerGroup Access to Millions of Workers   Read »

ManpowerGroup Announces Extensive Rollout of Workforce Solutions Across Chinas Manufacturing Frontier

June 5, 2011

ManpowerGroup Strategy in China Positions Global Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider as the Dominant Leader With Expansion into New Booming Inland Hubs, as Manufacturing Output Surges in 2011   Read »

Continuing Economic Uncertainty Exacerbates Talent Mismatches as Employers Seek High Specificity of Skills

June 3, 2011

ManpowerGroup Sees U.S. Employers Still Hesitant to Hire Amid Tepid Demand as Unemployment Rises Slightly   Read »

Economist Article Recognizes Humans as Driving Force Behind Changes in the Way the World Works

June 1, 2011

Power of Human Potential Behind Both the Anthropocene Geological Age and the Human Age, New Era Identified by ManpowerGroup   Read »

ManpowerGroup Annual Survey Reveals One Third of Employers Worldwide Cannot Find Qualified Talent Despite Over-Supply of Available Workers

May 18, 2011

Innovative Workforce Solutions Provider Calls on Employers to Take Steps to "Manufacture" Talent They Need and Avert Long-term Employability Crisis   Read »

ManpowerGroup Advocates for Master U.S. Job Creation Plan That Leverages Human Age Indicators at Capitol Hill Event

May 11, 2011

ManpowerGroup's Mara Swan Speaks at HR Policy Association's "Blueprint for Jobs in the 21st Century" About Today's Talent Supply/Demand Bottleneck   Read »

U.S. Adds Most Private Sector Jobs in Years: Companies Must Hire Again as Workers are Stretched to the Max Doing More With Less

May 6, 2011

ManpowerGroup Drives Innovative and Cross-Regional Workforce Solutions that Target Complexities that Slow the Hiring Process   Read »

ManpowerGroup Elevates Women as Undertapped Solution to Talent Mismatch at 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America

April 28, 2011

Regional Growth and Talent Challenges in the Human Age Require Comprehensive and Innovative Workforce Solutions for Emerging Markets   Read »

ManpowerGroup Evolution to Innovative Workforce Solutions Company Strikes Chord

April 27, 2011

Human Age Complexity Demands Increased Agility, Unlocking Human Potential   Read »

ManpowerGroup Practices Earth Day Every Day

April 22, 2011

Recycling, Utilities Usage and Green Company Cars Among Many Sustainable Green Practices at Offices of Innovative Workforce Solutions Leader Worldwide   Read »

Shortage of Qualified Workers Intensifies as U.S. Unemployment Rate Hits New Two-year Low

April 1, 2011

ManpowerGroup Identifies Innovative Workforce Solutions as Key to Unlocking Companies' Potential and Driving Competitiveness   Read »

Second Quarter 2011 Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Shows Emerging Markets Continue to Lead Uneven Global Labor Market Recovery

March 7, 2011

Indian Employers Report Strongest Hiring Plans to Date, While U.S. Employers in 10 of 13 Industry Sectors Are Set to Increase Hiring from Three Months Ago   Read »

Employers Must Engage Workforce at the Human Level to Gain Competitive Advantage in War for Talents

January 29, 2011

Manpower Inc. Introduces the Human Age With Thought-Provoking World Economic Forum Discussion on How Companies and Individuals can Win in the New Reality   Read »

World Economic Forum Panel Discussion Examines How the Power of Humans Will Drive Global Economies Forward

January 25, 2011

Manpower Inc. Identifies Transformational New Reality Where Companies Must Learn to Unleash Human Potential   Read »

Removing Barriers to Mobility of Skilled People Key to Tackling Worsening Talent Shortages

January 24, 2011

Manpower Inc. Recommends Actions to Ensure National Competitiveness as the World Enters New Post-Recession Age   Read »

Permanent Hires Increase Among U.S. Companies as Demand and Confidence Rises

January 7, 2011

Manpower Inc. Sees Stronger Hiring Patterns Across Industry Sectors, December BLS Report Reveals Lowest Unemployment Rate in 19 Months   Read »