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As the global expert on labor market and employment trends, ManpowerGroup is frequently sought after by national and global media outlets for its expert insights into forces evolving the world of work. Here are a few recent samples of media articles and interviews featuring ManpowerGroup’s unique perspective. 

20 June 2014:

Long-Term Jobless Find Work

Americans who have been hunting for employment for more than six months are finally catching a break.

19 June 2014: Bloomberg Television

Labor Market Will Improve: Prising

ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising discusses the state of the U.S. labor market with Trish Regan on "Street Smart."

13 June 2014: International Business Times

Employers Take Months to Hire

Employers are still cautious when it comes to filling the growing number of positions available.

12 June 2014: Forbes

Best Cities for Jobs This Summer

If you're looking for a job in the U.S. this summer, you might want to start your search in Grand Rapids, Michigan according to ManpowerGroup

10 June 2014: CNN International

Jonas Prising on Quest Means Business

ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising takes a look at the U.S. and global jobs picture.

5 June 2014: Bloomberg Television

Why is it Hard to Fill Positions?

ManpowerGroup Executive Chairman Jeff Joerres discusses the company's report on employers facing difficulties finding qualified workers.  

4 June 2014: U.S. News

Finding and Loving a Hard-to-Fill Job

ManpowerGroup released its annual survey on hard-to-fill jobs. Could one of them be the gig for you? 

3 June 2014: Time

Jobs Employers are Desperate to Fill

Are you a skilled tradesperson? A teacher? A waiter or waitress? If so, you're in luck.

3 June 2014: NBC News

Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill

Four in 10 American employers are struggling to fill open positions, according to ManpowerGroup.

30 May 2014: USA Today

Waiters and Bellhops Tougher to Find

Waiters and hotel front-desk clerks may be underpaid but they've joined welders and machinists among the hardest jobs to fill this year. 

6 April 2014: Wall Street Journal

Temp Jobs Surge

ManpowerGroup Executive Chairman Jeff Joerres says the rise of temporary jobs represents a "secular change". 

4 April 2014: Bloomberg Television

How Do Benefits Impact Wages and Hiring?

ManpowerGroup Executive Chairman Jeff Joerres discusses his outlook for U.S. jobs on Bloomberg TV's "Bloomberg Surveillance." 

21 February 2014: Milwaukee Business Journal

ManpowerGroup's Prising: "I'm Excited About Building on That Tradition"

Jonas Prising's voice is full of energy as he talks about his position as ManpowerGroup's new CEO.

12 February 2014: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

ManpowerGroup Names Prising as CEO

Jonas Prising takes over as the fourth chief executive in ManpowerGroup's history.

23 January 2014: Reuters

Davos Bosses Tread Warily

Multinational companies are becoming more picky about emerging market investments as slowing growth in upstart economies and recovery in the West takes the shine off a previous sure-fire strategic bet. 

22 January 2014: Financial Times

Talent in Asia: We Shall Not Be Moved

"It's simple: if you want the talent, you have to be flexible, agile and willing to accommodate the talent," says Mara Swan, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent at ManpowerGroup.

21 January 2014: Biz Times Milwaukee

ManpowerGroup Calls for Simplification

ManpowerGroup unveiled a white paper calling for employers to remain flexible and agile in the face of uncertainty, and that the only way to achieve this is through strategic simplification. 

13 January 2014:

What's Up With the Job Market?

Jeff Joerres, ManpowerGroup Executive Chairman, says the rising tide in the job market is real.