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Frequently Asked Questions

I need talented people to accelerate my business. Can ManpowerGroup help?

Yes! Select an operation from the drop down list under "Global Operations" on the left. You will be provided with contact information for that market.

What is the nature of ManpowerGroup’s business?

ManpowerGroup provides the full suite of workforce solutions. We know how to meet any workforce challenge companies face and can provide what businesses need, from incidental staffing to consulting to high-impact solutions that drive business success. ManpowerGroup also matches talented candidates with positions that match their motivations and skills — making us the premier place to find a job.

How can I find my nearest Manpower, Experis, or Right Management offices?

Go to ManpowerGroup Worldwide in the left column of this page and select your country. This will take you to a page containing the address and contact information for the main brands and offices in your country along with links to the websites for country brands. Many of our larger operations have an Office Locator feature on their sites to assist you.

How can I find a job?

If you are looking for a job, please go to Explore Job Opportunities  Here you can search for employment opportunities in your area that fit your background, goals and lifestyle.

If you are interested in a job with ManpowerGroup, please go to Opportunities Within ManpowerGroup to see what’s currently available at Headquarters and our many office locations around the world.

Can you find a job for me in another country?

As an international employer, we are frequently contacted by individuals who would like to work outside of their country of origin. If you are legally authorized to work in another country, please go to our Job Search page and select the destination country in order to learn about our current job opportunities and how to apply for them. Be sure to note your legal status on your application so that our representatives will be immediately aware that you are authorized to work in that country.

If you are not legally authorized to work in another country, or you are uncertain of your legal status, we recommend that you first check with the destination country's consulate or embassy in your area in order to learn about their work permit requirements.

ManpowerGroup does not sponsor job applicants for work visas. We do, however, encourage candidates with high level IT and technical skills to apply online with the operation in their destination country, as these specialized skills are in high demand in many countries, and jobs requiring these skills are the most likely to result in an opportunity with one of our clients.

How can I get free training from ManpowerGroup?

ManpowerGroup provides a wealth of free training programs for its employees worldwide, with thousands of courses available online through our Global Training and Development Center. You need only to become a ManpowerGroup employee in order to become eligible for free training through ManpowerGroup.

I am a journalist writing about ManpowerGroup or the world of work and would like to interview a ManpowerGroup executive. Whom should I call?

To find recent press releases or other background information ManpowerGRoup research, please go to the Newsroom section of this website. You may also contact one of our public relations representatives for more specific assistance, or to arrange an interview with a ManpowerGroup spokesperson, by going to the PR Contacts page.
If you are a journalist seeking an interview with ManpowerGroup executive, please go to our Journalist Request Form. To find recent press releases or other background information, please go to the Newsroom section of this website. You may also contact one of our public relations representatives for more specific assistance by going to the PR Contacts page.

What is the Human Age?

The Human Age has been identified by ManpowerGroup as a new era. The world is experiencing a global readjustment in which powerful forces, in flight over the last few years, are converging to create a new reality where business models will have to be redesigned, value propositions redefined and social systems reinvented. In this new reality, human potential has become the major agent of economic growth. People have taken their rightful place at center stage as the world’s only source of inspiration, passion and innovation and the driving force behind endeavor and enterprise.

What are innovative workforce solutions?

The Human Age has introduced a new level of complexity and chaos that organizations today must overcome. A solutions mindset is essential, and we have positioned ourselves with that mindset to address the world’s heightened sophistication with a robust suite of solutions that are targeted specifically at helping our clients navigate this complexity. ManpowerGroup’s continuum of solutions range from the straightforward to the complex; all are solutions that meet clients’ needs. They include; recruitment & assessment, workforce consulting, outsourcing, career management and training & development.

So ManpowerGroup is not just a staffing company?

No, although staffing is and always will be a crucial part of what we do and is our $20 billion calling card. Manpower has pioneered the staffing industry for over 60 years and the trust and credibility we have built up with this brand is what has allowed us to identify the Human Age, to have conversations and provide solutions to clients and prospects as innovative workforce solutions experts. Staffing is a key part of our innovative workforce solutions – but it is only a part.