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Workforce Development

For ManpowerGroup, social responsibility extends well beyond just writing a donation check to a charitable cause. It's about strengthening the diversity of our communities and creating opportunities for all people to participate in the workforce. It's about focusing on the long-term view and developing solutions that are sustainable. Whether it's helping an unemployed single mother return to the workforce, or providing a job to an immigrant when no one else will, our reward comes from knowing that we make a real difference — today and in the future.

All over the world, ManpowerGroup employees, partnering with community organizations, businesses and government, engage in workforce development programs that make a difference in people's lives. Because of our relationships with both employers and individuals, we are uniquely positioned to determine where current and future skills gaps are, identify people who need help engaging with the workforce, and develop solutions that bring these two groups together, mutually benefiting both. In this way, we function as a "bridge" to employment for many who would otherwise be unemployed.

Our systems, programs and policies are designed to make the connection to work a viable option for those who need it. Our industry-leading skills assessment processes and hiring policies help us ensure that people are not discriminated against. Rather, we focus on people's abilities — not their disabilities.

ManpowerGroup shared some of our disability awareness and workforce development programs with the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Download the ILO report, "Disability in the Workplace: Company Practices" to learn more.

Read about a few of our Workforce Development initiatives around the world below and in our Social Responsibility Updates.


Opportunities for All is a program dedicated to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the world of work through a combination of job training for candidates with disabilities, along with consulting and education for employers. Since its inception in 2005, we have succeeded in placing more than 700 individuals with disabilities in jobs, and more than 2200 executives have participated in our workshops to increase awareness. Learn more »


Responding to a shortage of talent in the logistics sector, the Manpower Logistics Academy training centers help individuals develop the skills that are in demand by employers. The program has been operating successfully for over 5 years. Learn more »


In 2009, Junior Achievement and ManpowerGroup launched a join initiative to provide young people around the world with essential work-readiness skills. The program, a hands-on educational experience called JA Success Skills, teaches students precisely what they will need to find, secure and keep a job. Learn more »


Established in 2009, the Fondation d’enterprise supports a number of activities aimed at promoting the employability of people with barriers to employment, including young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and people with disabilities. Learn more »


Manpower Mexico developed an innovative program called Caminemos Juntos (Walking Together) in partnership with Mexico's Secretary of Labor, non-government organizations (NGOs), interested companies and educational institutions. Through this program, Manpower works to bring job opportunities to people with disabilities by selecting and recruiting disabled staff to work in different companies at no charge to the company. Learn more »

United Kingdom

Manpower's assessment of the U.K. labor market is that over the next few years it will continue to tighten. As birth rates fall and demand rises, the U.K. needs to become much more efficient at getting those people who at present find issues like age, lack of qualifications, disability, race or a criminal record blocking them, into sustainable and worthwhile work. To reintroduce these people into the workforce with refined skills, Manpower joined with JobCentre Plus and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young to form a unique public/private sector joint venture company, Working Links. Learn more »

United States

In the United States and Canada, Manpower's workforce development program TechReach is designed to prepare unemployed and underemployed individuals for well-paying careers in information technology positions. Learn more »