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Human Trafficking/Forced Labor

End Human Trafficking Now logo Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, which forces an estimated 12.3 million people into forced labor or sexual servitude at any given time. Trafficking human beings is now the third largest illegal industry on the planet, following only arms and drug smuggling, and it is present in every country and territory in our network. For this reason, ManpowerGroup has engaged in the End Human Trafficking Now! campaign. 

ManpowerGroup was the first company to sign the Athens Ethical Principles, which declare a "zero tolerance" policy for working with any entity which benefits in any way, from human trafficking. This includes our clients, vendors and business partners. Our effort to engage more companies in support of the principles has resulted in more than 12,000 organizations signing up directly, or through the commitment of their industry federations. We have also secured the support of a number of global union organizations. Visit End Human Trafficking Now for more information about trafficking and the global fight to end it.

Global Business Coalition Against Human Trafficking

ManpowerGroup has partnered with eight other global companies to form the Global Business Coalition Against Trafficking.  Learn more »

Ethical Framework for International Labor Recruitment

ManpowerGroup and Verite's Ethical Framework for Cross-Border Labor Recruitment offers a checklist of specific "Standards of Ethical Practice" for firms involved in cross-border recruitment of workers, which are designed to protect those workers against specific patterns of vulnerability and abuse.  Learn more »

Preventing Human Trafficking in Colombia

In the summer of 2010, Manpower was featured as a case study in the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) report, Human Trafficking and Business: "Good Practices to Prevent and Combat Human Trafficking."   Learn more »

Row For Freedom

ManpowerGroup has teamed up with anti-trafficking organization Sport Against Trafficking to support its Row For Freedom campaign.  Learn more »