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Social Impact

The people of ManpowerGroup have a unique sense of our business. We find our success by serving others and powering their success.

We provide innovative workforce solutions to help our clients operate more effectively and ethically. We connect people to the dignity of work.

We care about the environment and aspire to be good stewards of resources and thought leaders in the contemporary world of work.

Through all of this, we help build more sustainable and dynamic communities.

Because we understand the unique connection of work and human dignity, we leverage our core competencies to provide more meaningful opportunities for individuals.

We impact the lives of millions of people and their families each year in our daily business activities. Our special initiatives provide opportunities for thousands of people by leveraging our world of work expertise in collaboration with both private and public partners.


Workforce Development

For ManpowerGroup, social responsibility extends well beyond just writing a donation check to a charitable cause.

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Disaster Recovery

Every year, the world is affected by tremendous natural disasters, ranging from the 2004 Asian tsunami to hurricanes, floods and earthquakes that rock the foundation of many people's lives.

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, which forces an estimated 12.3 million people into forced labor or sexual servitude at any given time.

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Reaching Out to Refugees

Tens of millions of people throughout the world are identified as refugees. ManpowerGroup is committed to be an effective resource for positive social change through several partnerships.

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