The Future of Career Management: It’s Digital. It’s Personal. It’s Here.

Access to technology tools supported by coaching guidance is critical to help individuals build meaningful careers and enable organizations to attract top-level talent.

A catalyst for innovation and evolution, technology has changed … well, it’s changed everything. Particularly in business.

From organizational processes to individual career development, we have amazing new tools and applications to help make our professional lives more productive and more satisfying. As global career experts in the business of helping companies and individuals succeed, Right Management is particularly interested in the impact technology will have on the future of career management.

One of our core beliefs is that while technology can assist in career development, it can’t replace the power of human interaction. For example, we know the number one driver of individual career success is having meaningful career conversations with your manager and peers. And while an app may give you insights into your strengths and deficits, a career coach will help you integrate that information into your career plans and make it actionable. The best technologies – the ones we’re developing for the RightEverywhere® online platform – facilitate the personal connections that lead to more fruitful careers.

Why is technology so important to your career?

At Right Management, we talk about the evolution of careers from “Job for Life” to “Career for Me.” It marks a societal shift from the days when people traded their autonomy for job security and career prospects were seen almost entirely within the context of one’s employer. Today, there is literally a world of opportunities available to professionals eager to build a career to their own specifications. “Career for Me” would not be possible without the improved transparency and access that technology delivers to individuals as they manage their career paths. For example:

Need an all-in-one solution? The re-imagined RightEverywhere platform offers robust applications to allow jobseekers to build their own personal website, develop their skill sets through online training modules, attend virtual job fairs, receive one-on-one coaching, perfect their resume, and connect with recruiters looking to hire.

What’s the bottom line?

In a “Career for Me” world, each individual is responsible for defining their path and pursuing the resources they need to develop the skills and capabilities to realize their career aspirations. Technology is a catalyst for career management – every aspect of career development and management has been digitized, and provides more transparent, instant access to every part of a career lifecycle.

As we bring the new RightEverywhere to market, it will provide a global platform for career management that will enable individuals to access career development tools anywhere, anytime, from any device. RightEverywhere will aggregate best-in-class applications for personal assessment, job search, interviewing, personal growth and development. By blending innovative technology with personalized support from our expert career coaches, it will be a powerful resource for individuals to build a satisfying “career for me” and for organizations to win the war for talent in today’s knowledge-driven economy.