Right People, Wrong Roles: The Impact of Career Fit

As the competition for talent continues to heat up, finding employees and leaders with critical skills has become challenging. Once in place, keeping these employees in the right roles at the right time is essential to winning.

Business leaders discussing talent assessment and strategy for their organization

Looking at emerging workforce trends, you know that most organizations have growing concern about their ability to attract, engage and retain their critical talent going forward. As engagement survey results continue to decline and voluntary turnover continues to rise as the job market opens up, the economic impact on organizations is very real and disturbing.

In a recent ManpowerGroup study of employees and leaders from North American organizations, 39% of all respondents and 45% of millennials viewed career opportunities AND type of work as the main reasons for their engagement. Job growth shows no signs of abating and full employment is expected by mid-year, so unwanted turnover becomes problematic on several levels. A conservative cost estimate for an employee voluntarily leaving an organization is $60K-$100K based on level and role.

The reality is, most employees who are recruited into organizations are placed in roles based on their skills, experience and credentials. Yet, after they’re in place, many realize that the fit isn’t great or the role isn’t what they envisioned and they become disengaged quickly. This is true for employees and leaders across all levels and roles.
So, what happened? Why does the bright, positive recruit who seemed so energetic and excited about accepting the position become disenfranchised in such a short period of time, becoming a “benchwarmer” on the sidelines waiting for another opportunity to come along?
Career fit is more important than ever due to the rising expectations on the part of employees.  Some of us at a young age know exactly what we want to become and why but that’s just not the reality for most.
Career moves occur more frequently than ever fueled by employees’ desire to do meaningful work that matches their values, interests, lifestyle and development. When those needs are met and when they align with what the organization needs, great!  But that kind of match occurs only when the employee, manager and organization are all proactive in assuring proper career fit.

Employees have to continually ask themselves:

Organizations have to focus on:
The answer to those questions will also provide you with the answer to the real question: Do you have the right people, in the right role at the right time?
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