Leader Development: Solve for Women and Solve for X&Y

My mother always said that the most worthwhile things to do are the hardest.  So it is with solving the problem around attracting, retaining, and growing women leaders in our organizations.  But here’s the thing: if you do this right, you can create a triple return.  Solve for women, and you will also have a roadmap to solve the leadership development challenges you face with your Gen X and Y employees.


Let’s start by re-visiting what women want from their employers. According to research from Manpower and LinkedIn:


And what does Gen X and Gen Y talent want?  A 2014 study by Tammy Erickson Associates showed that:


In the last two years, I have had very intense conversations with clients who are wrestling with attraction, retention, and growth challenges in their Gen X and Y populations. 


Almost all of my clients face significant challenges related to a multi-generational workforce.  At the same time, they are having trouble attracting, retaining, and growing women into leadership roles.  I believe that organizations have the opportunity to adapt their working models and talent management practices in fundamental ways that will address the concerns of all these segments. Here are just a few of the “multi-genderational” ways that organizations can modify their talent practices, job structures, and workplace environment to show talented employees of all ages and genders that you hear their voices:



Think about the talent in your organization. What practices are you willing to look at differently to make sure they are fully engaged in their work and in the success of the organization?