Creating A Gateway for Career Development

Why we looked to Amazon for inspiration in creating our digital platform for career development.

I’ve been thinking about Amazon a lot lately. Back to school shopping is one reason. Being able to order anything from recorders to pencils and Clorox wipes with just one click—at midnight! in bed! —makes this busy mom’s life a bit easier. Another reason is that the amazingly successful online resource created by Jeff Bezos has been a critical influence on the new RightEverywhere® career platform.
Someone once referred to the Amazon founder as the “anti-Steve Jobs” because instead of perfecting and offering just a few products, Bezos is continually adding different items and services to his digital ecosystem. I remember meeting with Amazon in 2000 when I worked for an electronics manufacturer. Amazon wanted to carry our large monitors, but my managers walked away from the table convinced no one would buy office products and televisions from the same source. Needless to say, that decision came to be regretted.  
Jeff Bezos’ intent is clear: “Our vision is to be earth's most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”
We see similar value in providing a gateway to wide-ranging career resources from leading vendors and applications. RightEverywhere is an infinitely expandable digital platform with powerful capabilities for customization. Companies can work with Right Management to configure a portal to meet their exact needs. Want to focus on outplacement services? We can do that. Prefer a view around career development? Done. The state-of-the-art technical infrastructure enables us to create unique programs to address our client’s needs, from a university providing MBA graduates with career management resources to a mid-size company helping employees grow their careers.  
RightEverywhere is, in fact, everywhere—an omnichannel experience available in 48 countries and 15 languages (and 54 dialects!). But whether a company’s employees are accessing the portal from Katmandu or Kansas City, their experience will be consistent.
That ability to tailor content with global scalability gives companies a direct line to value and relevancy, and sets the RightEverywhere platform apart from online job apps with a more singular focus and less powerful customization capabilities. 
The other exciting aspect of our Amazonian-type ecosystem is the potential to offer best-of-breed products and services from third-party resources. For example, we’re collaborating with Morgan Stanley to bring their experience in financial planning to executives on RightEverywhere. The goal is to give users access to a wide variety of curated resources on one trusted site—using our flexible, powerful platform to add both value and convenience.  
We’re thinking big, it’s true. That’s another Amazon hallmark: the willingness to try new things and experiment. As we work to make RightEverywhere a dynamic gateway to career knowledge and self-discovery, we hope you’ll join us for the journey.
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