Survey Tracks Technology’s Growing Role in Job Hunt

PHILADELPHIA, August 7, 2013 – LinkedIn, smartphones and video interviews have gained ground as key job search tools according to an annual survey by Right Management, the talent and career management experts within ManpowerGroup. More than 300 job seekers as well over 100 hiring managers, recruiters and human resource executives throughout North America participated in the survey.

Ninety-four percent of job candidates reported LinkedIn was their top social media site for job hunting, while hiring managers chose LinkedIn by two to one as their top social media site for sourcing candidates.

“The increased use of technology, especially advances in social media related technologies, has been relentless,” said Monika Morrow, Senior Vice President of Career Management at Right Management, the preeminent global outplacement provider. “Social media, for one thing, helps individuals reach out and build their job search network. They can find people in targeted companies and connect with those who can help.”

Among findings of the survey of job search candidates:

Among findings of the survey of hiring managers and recruiters:

Morrow cautioned that finding a new position with the help of technology does not occur as part of an automatic process. “On the contrary, success almost always comes down to the candidate making a personal connection with a person or persons on the hiring side. The technology, now so integral to the job search, is just a tool, not by itself a solution.”

Among the survey’s job seeker population, two-thirds were Baby Boomers and one-third were Gen X. Men and women participated in equal numbers. Ninety-five percent were looking for a permanent position, an increase from 84% in 2010. Twenty percent were considering entrepreneurial options; among just Gen X candidates 27% did so.

Among the survey of hiring managers et al., 57% were company HR (staffing or contract recruiters) staff, 26% from search firms and 17% were in HR management or had mixed roles. The survey was conducted in the second quarter of 2013.

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