Why Career Coaching is Right for You

Right or wrong, career coaching was once perceived as a process to fix the broken executive or employee. Today, coaching is a respected process that helps professionals learn, grow, and make proactive changes to improve his or her career.

Whether the perception was accurate or not, once upon a time, career coaching was seen as a process to fix the broken executive or employee. Today, coaching is a process that helps a professional to learn, grow and make a change in his or her career. Coaching is based on specific situations and the role of the coach is defined - coaching sessions have a focused agenda. And conversations are about achieving goals, objectives and milestones. Coaching is so important that the most successful people have support in the form of a career coach or a mentor. Additionally, the most successful coaches have their own coaches. In today’s dynamic and often unpredictable work environment, a career coach can help you to navigate the job market, especially if you are transitioning from one field to the next. 
Four Key Dimensions in the Career Coaching Process
According to Dr. Randall P. White - Founding Partner, Executive Development Group, LLC - there are some key dimensions in the coaching process.
Dr. White’s four key dimensions are important because they are drivers for successful coaching relationships. By simply introducing each of the four dimensions into the mix when looking for a career coach, the chances that the employee's needs are met increase exponentially.
10 Reasons Why Career Coaching is Right for You
  1. Get a trusted advisor to guide your career.
  2. Confidential, highly personal learning process.
  3. Keeps you on track by holding you accountable.
  4. Become committed to your career and you your goals and objectives.
  5. Become more productive because you are clear about your career goals and objectives, so you can focus on the things that are important to your employer and yourself.
  6. Get clarity on the barriers you face and focused direction to achieve career goals.
  7. Secure the help you need to maximize your potential with an employer.
  8. Acquire new skills and tools to help you to succeed in the workplace.
  9. Experience the satisfaction that comes with overcoming an obstacle or challenge in the workplace.
  10. Get the courage and confidence to move forward in your career.
Career coaching has come a long way. If the benefits of coaching mentioned above speak to you, then career coaching is right for you. When choosing a career coach, keep Dr. Randall P. White’s four key dimensions in mind.
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