When There Are No Raises, What Else Can You Negotiate?

Most people dream of working for an organization that pays salary increases every year. But, that’s not today’s reality, where organizations often institute salary freezes in uncertain economic conditions. So, when there are no raises, what else can you negotiate? A position is more than the salary that’s attached to it. It’s also about the benefits, job satisfaction, engagement, challenging projects, and development opportunities.

You have been working at the organization so you understand the corporate culture, with that in mind, here are a few items that are often negotiated for in lieu of a raise. Choose the ones that you are likely to successfully negotiate based on the corporate culture:

Whether or not you believe that you have proven yourself to the organization, before you decide to negotiate, compile a list of your accomplishments that have contributed to the company’s bottom line to demonstrate your worth, and prepare what you’ll say during the negotiation. Approach the negotiation the same way that you would a negotiation for a salary increase, because perks are often equally as important as the money.

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