Tools and Guidelines to Create Visual Resumes

In our series on visual resumes, we first looked at How to Use Visual Resumes in Your Job Search. We defined a visual resume as a visual presentation of accomplishments that enhance your personal brand and differentiate you in a competitive market. There are two main types of visual resumes – Visual Document/Presentation and a Video Presentation. Today, we will focus on the required tools to create professional looking visual resumes.

Although the field of visual resumes is emerging, there are a few established tools to create them, allowing job seekers to stand out. It’s also important to conduct research regularly to stay abreast of changes in this growing area.

Essential Tools to Create Visual Resumes

Guidelines When Using Presentation Software to Create Visual Resumes

If you are interested in what visual resumes look like, view9 Dynamic Digital Resumes That Stand Out From the CrowdInfographic Visual Resumes, and Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes

It makes sense to experiment with the various tools mentioned above to find the ones you are most comfortable working with that also satisfies your needs. In a subsequent blog post, we will cover tips to get the most from visual resumes.