Tips for Re-Branding Yourself for a Career Move

Sometimes, a career move requires a little re-branding. Here are some tips to help you reshape your personal brand and put your best foot forward to potential employers.

Professional man considering how to advance his career

If you're ready for a career move but are finding it difficult to transition, it might be that employers are overlooking you due to personal branding issues. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to re-brand yourself then embark upon your transitional job search.
Follow these tips for a successful career re-branding effort:
  1. Start by assessing your skills and your career goals. Do they match? Identify where you want to improve your personal brand image. Sometime, when employees consider a job in a new career, they do not see their experience the same way as potential employers. By re-branding, you can change how you present yourself and the language you use to describe your past experience so that it matches your new career goals. An honest assessment of yourself is the best place to start.
  2. Look at your resume. Your resume is a reflection of your work experience, but it's also a reflection of your career goals. Tweak the language on your resume to reflect your new brand image and career goals.
  3. Does the way you dress reflect where you want to go? Zig Ziglar said you can’t climb the ladder of success by wearing the costume of failure. Make subtle changes to your dress to reflect your ambition, drive, and goals. A good rule of thumb is to dress for two levels up on the career ladder.
  4. Make it a part of your career conversation with your boss. Ask your boss what she views as your strengths and opportunities for growth. Do your work habits reflect your career goals? A little feedback from your manager can help you identify your blind spots and give you a picture of what other potential managers might see. You can then establish a plan to work on improving areas that are holding you back. Your boss should be able to help you establish career goals and achieve them through an ongoing career conversation.
Career transitions can be a difficult time, but they are much easier if you begin them with the end in mind. Know your career goals, make sure your personal branding matches your goals and your skills, and present yourself with confidence to employers ready to have a career conversation with you.

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