The Pros and Cons of Relocating for a New Job

These days, when the world is our stage, it’s not uncommon for job seekers to relocate for their dream job. Additionally, tough economic times, industry consolidation, and lack of local employment opportunities can force professionals to rethink where they earn their living. Today we are also living in a more complex world, where professionals often have both childcare and elder care responsibilities, how will a relocation impact you financially, personally and professionally?


Uprooting yourself and your family to a new place is seldom an easy decision, and on top of that, your new employer may not be willing to reimburse relocation costs, or will reimburse only a portion of the costs. So before deciding whether or not to relocate, think through the following list of considerations, then decide if each one is a pro or a con for where you are currently living.



Now that you have completed the exercise, before deciding whether or not to relocate, answer the following questions, and determine if each response translates into a pro or a con:


  1. If I were to make this move, would I have a similar or better quality of life?
  2. Would my new salary accommodate the cost of living in the new area?
  3. Will I be able to manage housing costs there? How hard would it be to sell my house here and buy one there? How much would the move cost me?
  4. Would it make more sense for me to travel back and forth for a few months to evaluate how the job is working out before I uproot my family?
  5. What’s the quality of the schools there? Do they have adequate extracurricular activities? Would the new job require me to move in the middle of a school year, and how would that impact my children?
  6. Would my spouse and children be happy with the move? Would it be easy for my partner to find work there?
  7. How easy would it be for me and my family to build a new support network?
  8. How easy would it be for me to establish industry contacts?
  9. If the new job doesn’t work out, what are the employment prospects there?
  10.  Have I visited the area with my family, and spent enough time there to get a feel for the place?


To assist you in answering the questions related to “hard” costs and cost of living expenses, the following websites have a lot of information. And and theNational Center for Education Statistics will provide you with information about schools in the new area.


  1. This website offers a cost of living comparison calculator, which also includes housing and rental cost and the price of common products and services that the average person needs.
  2. PayScale Cost of Living Calculator: is known for providing salary information, and they bring that perspective to their Cost of Living Calculator. When assessing cost of living on the site, you are also asked to include salary information, and the calculator calculates the difference in cost of living between the two places in addition to how much income you will need to maintain your current lifestyle.
  3. City to City Moving: This tool provides you with a quote for moving from one city to another. It breaks down the costs for you to make it easier for you to know what’s involved.


Based on the information that you have before you, take the time to carefully consider whether or not you should relocate because it is a life-changing decision.